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Check out my latest article on ‘Joint Health’ as featured in this month’s Functional Sports Nutrition magazine. Here I give my advice on keeping joints healthy, avoiding injury and the latest study on joint health supplement GOPO.Functional Sports Nutrition - Dec 14

“January is a time when many people decide they want to get in shape and start a new fitness regime, but it’s important to take steps to approach this in the correct way and avoid doing unwanted harm through lack of preparation. It’s especially important to remember not to put too much pressure on your joints, particularly knees, if you’re taking up exercise after a long break. Joint care is incredibly important and for my clients beginning a new fitness regime, I recommend GOPO Joint Health, as it’s clinically proven to reduce pain and improve joint mobility in active adults.”

In a study by researchers at The Centre for Sport & Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it was shown that just 12 weeks of GOPO supplementation in healthy active adults eased the pains of staying active, improved mobility and could potentially even prevent further degeneration of the joint cartilage. Additionally, the joint health benefits of this supplement have been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled clinical trials involving hundreds of patients with difficult to treat chronic joint conditions including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

GOPO Joint Health

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Could your back or knee problems stem from your feet?



I performed two separate client physical screens today and both showed me some interesting results.
It was clear to see once I took my clients shoes off that there was a clear imbalance in their feet.
1 foot was flat compared to the other and one kinked out to the right instead of being in alignment.
Instantly the clients will be training with poor foundations and eventually this could possibly cause injury to their knees, back and even neck as it will refer up the body causing other imbalances and dysfunctions. This was the case in both my clients today, one was suffering from knee problems and one back problems and once I analysed their results from the physical screening test it was clear for them to see this.
Both clients now have some simple exercises to do at home in-between our next session. They will start to notice an improvement very shortly

If you are suffering from any injury or would like to prevent yourself from future injury then please contact me on to book in for a physical screening test with me. From these screens I can tell the areas that you need to increase range of movement and prevent your self from any possible pain and discomfort. I can then give you some simple rehab exercises to work on

Above is an example of one of the exercises I gave my client today to help increase his ankle mobility

How Rory McIlroy turned his golf career around by strength and conditioning training

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The golf swing is one of the most complex movements in sport that requires almost every part of the body to work in harmony; it demands a lot from the body

Golf is a sport which requires numerous physical characteristics from the body (strength, balance, flexibility etc.) and it baffles me how players spend so little time doing any golf specific training. Even before heading out to play 18 holes players turn up on the tee, take a couple of practice swings and head out. It’s not surprising that 70% of players will suffer from a golf specific injury in their playing career.

There’s numerous factors which stop players from doing golf specific training and the top two reasons are usually down to a lack of time or knowledge – but any good trainer should be able to devise a quick warm up regime and educate the player on the reasons why swing drills and specific exercises are important to a players health and golf game. 

Not only has the world’s number one golfer Rory McIlroy won two majors this year and been a hero in helping Europe retain the Ryder Cup he’s also done wonders for promoting strength and conditioning training.

So how did Rory turn his career around and put on over six pounds of muscle?

On the 25th of May last year, I went to Wentworth’s prestigious BMW PGA Championship but was disappointed to find out Rory hadn’t even made the cut. This wasn’t the first competition he’d struggled in, he was playing some of the most inconsistent golf of his career.

McIlroy turned to the British physical scientist Steve McGregor for help. Steve McGregor wired Rory to a set of electrical sensors to measure muscle activation during the golf swing. The results showed muscle imbalances in Rory’s body. Based on these results Rory had a training programme which consisted of core exercises, single arm and single leg exercises with the focus on the lower body (this is where the power is generated for an efficient swing).

The results of this speak for themselves, Rory can now trust that his body is in the best physical condition to be able to perform the most efficient swing. He now weighs over twelve stone and can drive the ball more than 350 yards.

On the 25th May 2014 exactly a year later Mcilroy was crowned champion at The BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. Regretfully, I missed the event as I didn’t have a ticket. Of course I’m not saying that getting in the gym and lifting a few weights is going to turn us into the next world’s number one golfer, but we can’t avoid the fact that physical testing and training should be a key factor when looking to improve our golf game.

We need to stop visually comparing our golf swing to that of another. Instead what we should focus on is figuring out if our golf swing is mechanically efficient or inefficient in order to make corrective changes.

Through a simple physical screening test and 2D swing analysis we can now see if a player has any physical limitations that could be affecting them from performing the swing or putting them at risk of injury. Based on these results a simple exercise regime and warm up regime can be put in place to help rectify these limitations.

All golf coaches should be working closely with qualified fitness professionals and physical therapist in order to give their clients the best possible results

For further information or to book a full physical screening test visit my website: and follow me on Twitter @Paul_Snowsell.


Nutritional Advice

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Top 3 Super Quick & Easy
Post Workout Snacks

1. GO NUTS FOR: Organic peanut butter filled celery – Celery is one of the lowest calorie count foods with just 16 calories per 100g, but still contains vitamins K and A which are key for vision, cell growth and a healthy immune system. Peanut butter is a fantastic quick source of protein helping the repair and growth of muscles.

2. SUPER FOOD SAVIOUR: Avocado topped with egg – Avocado is a super food favourite with over a third of your daily fibre needs which is great for the digestive system. Eggs are rich in protein but also contain a biological value of 100 which means they provide us with all the body’s essential amino acids helping to repair after exercise.

3. A HEALTHY HEART: Asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon – Packed with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, smoked salmon is high in protein. Asparagus is a winning vegetable when it comes to warding off heart disease and the risk of obesity as its high in B9 vitamins.

Post Workout Snacks

Done your workout – now what should you eat?

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Ever thought about what you eat whilst you’re out on the golf course?

It’s always so tempting grab a pre-round bacon sarnie or stop at the halfway hut to get quick chocolatey snack (the golfers favourite Mars Bar comes to mind) but Masters winner Adam Scott tells us why tucking into peanut butter during his round helps improve his focus and his game.

Check it out here – “Adam Scott on Fuel Your Game

Adam Scott - Fuel Your Game - Video

Adam Scott – Fuel Your Game – Video



Personal Training

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As a fully qualified personal trainer and advanced nutrition adviser I can:

  • Use a combination of fun, effective and next-generation training methods, from kettlebells and powerplates to padwork training, medicine balls and TRX suspension
  • Pinpoint simple changes to diet to help you achieve your goals. No need for fad diets and formulaic eating plans, just small changes that matter!

“Achieve your goals no matter what – whether fat-burning, improving your fitness and cardio, sport specific training or rehabilitation exercises, Paul’s Absolute Fitness creates tailored programme to fit meet your needs, with both 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available!”

See below for a range of training techniques I currently use with some of my clients:
TRX Training
TRX Training
Boxing & Circuits
Boxing & Circuits
PowerPlate – Squat
Power Plate
PowerPlate – Plank

TPI Level 1 – June 2014

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Big thanks to @jasonglasslab @BlackburnGolf @LGP_Inc and @MyTPI for a fantastic Titleist Performance Institute course held in the UK earlier this month. Anyone interested in getting more out of their golf game can contact me and book in for physical screening test.

The golf swing is one of the most complex movements in sport that requires almost every part of the body to work in harmony; it demands a lot from the body, if certain parts of your body aren’t up to the challenge then there’s no harmony. This will causes your body to and swing to suffer. You have to fix your body before you can fix your swing

TPI Course - Golf Fitness

TPI – UK Golf Fitness Course, June 2014

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